About Us


JMK is a second-generation family business based in Montreal, Canada. For more than four decades, our hand-crafted leather accessories have been sold under the labels of high-end department stores and boutiques across North America.  In 2014, we decided to bring our own classic and innovative styles to the public, and the Maison JMK brand was born.


Every JMK piece is crafted by the hands of an expert cordwainer, using Mediterranean leatherworking techniques perfected over centuries, and handed down from master to apprentice.  Maison JMK uses no automation or mass production. Every cut, stitch, and rivet, right up to the pressing of the JMK signature stamp into each finished product, is done by hand.


Maison JMK is driven by a passion for genuine leather and expert craftsmanship. We strive to combine old-world values and techniques with contemporary styling and features to deliver the very best in luxury leather. What we fashion with our hands is held in your hands every day, and this engenders a personal commitment to excellence in everything we create.